Stop the guesswork.
Let our team integrate marketing analytics into your marketing tasks now using our 4-point approach:

Point 1: Marketing Data Management

We begin by aligning your data with your business goals and objectives. This will allow you to sync your marketing efforts with your marketing assets. We will set up marketing analytics tools and tagging customized to your needs.

Point 2: Aggregation & Visualization

Once the data is synced up, we combine it into live reports that tie together spend, customer engagement, and conversion metrics. These reports can be built in either an existing BI tool within your company or one recommended by our experts.

Point 3: Ongoing Insights & Strategy

We help you use campaign insights to plan for future efforts and practice agile marketing. You can optimize based on channel performance to hit your KPIs and turn real-time data into immediate insights.

Point 4: In-Person Expert Training

We train at every step of the way to ensure you get the most from the process.

Whether your team is brand new to marketing analytics or has a more seasoned approach to measurement, our Google Analytics IQ-certified experts will work with your team to ensure you’re tracking the metrics that matter most.

Work With Us

Marketing Analytics Training Events
We offer both in-person and onsite customized training events for your team

About Us

Your Midwest Marketing Analytics Experts

We do data. We know marketing.

We're a team of Google Analytics IQ-certified experts that love setting up, organizing, and working in the weeds with data. We have a knack for figuring out the metrics that matter most.

With extensive experience in both traditional and digital marketing, we understand your struggles because we've been there.

Zirous, headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa, has been doing business for over 30 years.

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